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About Us

Televisionet is the first Italian web tv channel. When it was founded in 2006 it represented a new standard of communication and thanks to rapidly developing technologies it will revolutionise the media that has been the main vehicle for information and video imaging for decades: television.


Even today the majority of television sets are able to receive internet signal and we believe that the assertion of web tv in every home is directly linked to the growth of user awareness and the fact that televisions are able to offer interactive content as well as computers.


The new Televisionet platform was designed with the impact that technology has on our daily lives in mind, with the aim of satisfying the diverse needs of those who watch and search for video content: the traditional television audience and also web users who use social networks and search engines.


The new platform is completely bilingual and features six, themed, on-demand channels – a more typical style of web content – where viewers can search for and watch content divided into different categories.


Our mission is to offer cultural and entertaining content that is above the average level of online video content. Everything published on Televisionet is part of a logic of content that doesn’t “scream” but uses a different kind of language and speaks with authority.


Our experience and ability to handle integrated communications (tools, structures and content) with a methodical and winning approach is then made available to companies through a range of services. To find out more about this you can contact us in the “Contact Us” section.