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Good Kill by Andrew Niccol – Ethan Hawke’s drone war between conflicts and moral dilemmas

Set during the most massive escalation of drone attacks, Good Kill is about the conflicts and moral dilemmas associated with the use of this new technology. The film directed by Andrew Niccol and starring Ethan Hawke, Bruce Greenwood, January Jones (Mad Men) and Zoë Kravitz also tells a very personal story: Tommy (Hawke) is becoming the victim of a war that he is fighting on the other side of the world. The pilot is afflicted by the deaths caused by real flights and traumatized by the bombing, but also feels guilty about being away from the explosion, in an air conditioning environment and free from danger. This film is a study of a character – the life of a soldier – but is also a morality tale with epic implications. We met the director and actors during this year’s Venice Film Festival, where the film was presented in competition.

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