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Perez. by Edoardo De Angelis – An urban noir for Zingaretti and D’Amore

We are in Naples, in the Centro Direzionale of the great skyscrapers with mirror panes. Demetrio Perez is a lawyer who lives a mediocre life, bordering unhappiness. Shaking up his routine is the choice of his daughter to fall in love with an ambiguous man, who perhaps has something to do with the underworld. Can you stop your life and start over? What risks would you take? The protagonists of Perez. directed by young and talented Edoardo De Angelis are Luca Zingaretti – here also as a producer – and Marco D’Amore, the “Cirù” of Gomorrah – The Series. We talked about choices to reconsider, cinema and Naples when we met them in Venice, where the film was screened out of competition. In cinemas from October, distributed by Medusa.

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