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The 70th Venice Film Festival – When Zappa Came to Sicily by Salvo Cuccia

A unique documentary tracing an unusual portrait of one of the most brilliant rock artists of all times. Presented at the 70th edition of the Venice Film Festival, “When Zappa Came To Town” by Salvo Cuccia starts from the reenactment of a controversial concert that Frank Zappa held in Palermo on July 14, 1982 that Cuccia wasn’t unable to attend, despite an adventurous race against time. Thanks to the collaboration of Zappa’s biographer, Massimo Bassoli, and of the family of the great American artist, Salvo Cuccia had access to a vast and interesting footage archive of materials that also allowed him to show some of Frank Zappa’s behind-the-scenes moments. We spoke with the director, with Frank Zappa’s wife and with Massimo Bassoli.

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