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12 Uve

Protagonist of this instalment is 12 Uve (Twelve Grapes), a wine made by the winery Il Paradiso di Frassina (Frassina Paradise) in the Montalcino area, homeland of the worldwide known Brunello.


A one of a kind wine, the twelve grapes is made using twelve different kinds of grapes, six local grapes and six international ones.


Born as a result of an idea of Carlo Cignozzi, 12 Uve reflects the musical philosophy of Il Paradiso di Frassina, as twelve are also the halftones of the musical scale.


The result is a harmony of tones and accents in which hints of overripe and hints of brushwood melt perfectly and elegantly with the floreal and vegetal tones of the French grapes.


Bere Bene, to the discovery of the greatest Italian wines, in the name of conscious drinking


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