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Lanificio Cerruti, pure class – English-style clothes, modern jackets and snow eyewear

An elegant, refined man and – why not? – with a snob touch, which is always good. Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti’s precious fabrics are among the protagonist at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week and at White. Thanks to the collaboration with Nigel Cabourn, the new collection was inspired by the hunting and fishing attires of the English aristocracy at the beginning of the 20th Century. All enriched by Cerruti’s 100% pure cashmere. At our microphones Nino Cerruti and his son Julian, presenting the new handmade jacket branded Natural Born Elegance. Finally, we see a sneak peak of the surgical steel and high-range fabrics Hapter goggles, a challenge launched by some young entrepreneurs, with a passion for the mountains, inspired by the discovery of an old pair of glacier military goggles among the Dolomiti’s glaciers.

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