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Sea+Air – Two hearts and a harpsichord

He’s Daniel Benjamin. German, with the fear of the ocean and unable to read music. She’s Eleni. Of Greek origins, she loves dancing and she’s afraid of flying. Linked by an unexpected sense of humour and by the passion for the music they call “Magical, but not perfect“, they share the same stage even in their real life. Young, married and in love, they spent some days in Italy to present their latest album “My Heart’s Sick Chord” (which pronounced quickly sounds like harpsichord) that investigates the dark side of people in a melancholic and deep way, inspired by the melodies of Bach, which you “have to listen to several times to appreciate”. We met Sea+Air in the Milanese studios of Radio Popolare and, on top of an extraordinary acoustic performance, they told us their story, their music and and a bit of what their future is going to be like.

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