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The Bloody Beetroots – Hide: behind the mask of the new album

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, better known as The Bloody Beetroots, was born in 1977, is Italian but lives in Los Angeles, is a producer, a performer and a dj and hides – always – behind a superhero mask. Because what matters is simply his music. Thanks to The Bloody Beetroots project, he is considered a forerunner of a new way of making electronic music. In his music, among quotes and unusual combinations, you can find fragments from punk, dance and rock music and new wave atmospheres. In front of our camera, he presented “Hide”, his new album, with many great guests such as Paul McCartney (guest star in the single “Out Of Sight” alongside Youth, producer and ex-bassist of Killing Joke), Peter Frampton and Tommy Lee of Mötley Crue, as well as young prodigies of the American rap scene such as Theophilus London.

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