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Wallis Bird – The sound of the world around me

Unpredictable, delicate and sauvage at the same time. A small and apparently fragile singer-songwriter who stands out for her pure and inborn energy. Her music, where the roughest folk and and powerful rock meet, coveys unexpected emotions, and her voice becomes the interpreter of the world that surrounds her. Of Irish origins, Wallis lived in London in the hottest days of 2011 riots, and recorded part of her latest album, simply entitled “Wallis Bird”. An album that is witness of a meaningful musical evolution and of a passion that goes beyond physical limits (after being victim – when she was very young – of an accident that limited the normal use of her left hand, Wallis learnt how to play the guitar in an opposite-than-standard way and developped her extremely personal instrumental technique). We met the artist (with her loyal guitar) in the unusual frame of a Milanese park for an exclusive face to face.

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