Powerful strategy for online sport translations betting

Playing live requires certain skills from the player, and technically flawless operation of the site, since the account can be kept literally for seconds. If the bookmaker has a slow live, taking a player’s sports bid for a long time, there is no point in playing, because all the advantages of playing live are lost.

What to bet on in live translations

There are many different strategies developed for the game in real time, which are used with varying success by bettors. The game in live has many specific features, depending on the type of sport. Since bids are often made in live for a certain time period of the match, the coefficients with this strategy are quite high, more than two, which gives the player good prospects for playing according to the Martingale system, in other words, catch-up.

Betting on quarters in basketball

The sports strategy of playing catch-up on quarters in the NBA is very popular. Recall that in professional basketball, a basketball match consists of 4 quarters of 12 minutes each. The overwhelming number of matches in which the favorite and the outsider meet are held with the victory of the outsider in at least one of the four quarters into which the basketball match is divided. The logic here is quite simple. The outsider either “shoots” in the first quarter, while the favorite is still swinging, and wins it. Or, it takes over in one of the late quarters, when the fate of the match is actually decided, and the opponent releases the second squad on the floor.
Thus, gambling on the victory of the outsider in the quarter, the player will usually win once per match. Since the coefficient for the victory of an outsider in a single quarter fluctuates in the range of 2-3, the player can effectively lead the sports game with a catch-up.

Bets by period in hockey

A similar sports strategy exists in hockey, where the match is divided into three periods of 20 minutes each. Here it is quite dangerous to place bids on the victory of an outsider in a particular period, since the favorite can easily not lose any of the periods. Much more interesting is the sports strategy of gmaling on a draw in a particular period, or on the fact that at least one of the teams will not score a goal. The first option is preferable, since it has a much higher coefficient, but this option requires more experience from the player, since draw periods slip through in hockey less often than “zero” ones.

Bets on the account at exactly 0: 40 in tennis

One of the most profitable sports strategies for gambling in live tennis. If the score is 0: 40 on the serve of a player with a good serve or a favorite, you can place wages that the score will become 40: 40, i.e., the pitcher will win three of his serves in a row. The coefficient in this situation will vary between 3-5, depending on the specific match. There are up to a dozen such situations in a tennis match, which gives the player the opportunity to use the same catch-up if the first bets are lost.

The best strategy suits you

No matter who tells about the win-win of certain moves and lines of the sports game, who would advertise an accurate betting strategy, it is important to always choose a convenient course of the game for yourself. Only in this case, you will really be able to enjoy the process of live gambling on online sports translations.